Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fade by Lisa McMann: A Book Review

Janie is a dream catcher: she has the rare ability to see into others' dreams. Unfortunately, Janie has no way to control this ability, leading to her often getting sucked into dreams at bad moments. However, her power can also do a great deal of good. She is currently working as an undercover cop at her school, Fieldridge High, along with her boyfriend, Cabel. But her newest assignment is more intense than she could have imagined. Several disturbing phone calls have led Janie and Cabel's superiors to believe that there is a sexual predator(s) at Fieldridge. When Janie offers herself as bait, she never imagines what she's getting herself into. Meanwhile, she's been learning more about her future as a dream catcher, and what she's learned is far from optimistic.

While I enjoyed Wake, I liked Fade even more. Wake was dark and creepy, and this next installment was even more so. Fade also had much more excitement and mystery than its predecessor. Although I sort of guessed which people did it (the book made it pretty obvious, at least for one of them), it was still very creepy. Janie and Cabel were interesting characters with both strengths and flaws, which made them seem more realistic. My only concern is that this book is definitely for mature readers; there were many mature topics such as drugs and rape, as well as some swearing.


  1. Wow...these sound better than I'd for some reason assumed they'd be. Thanks for the review, Annie!