Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Tempest: A Book Review

One night, a storm will be created, a ship wrecked, and lives changed forever...

Prospero was once the duke of Milan, until he and his young daughter, Miranda, ended up on an almost-deserted island as a result of a plot by Prospero's power-hungry brother Antonio. When a ship sails by with Antonio and others on it, including the king, Alonso, Prospero sends his spirit slave Ariel to wreck the ship, stranding them on the island. Miranda and Alonso's son Ferdinand fall in love at first sight, but Prospero locks Ferdinand away to test their love. Farther off on the island, a murder plot...or two...are being hatched. Only one thing is sure...this night will be full of surprises.

I think this was probably my second-favorite Shakespeare play that I have read, after MacBeth. It was humorous and filled with magic. The characters were interesting and funny, and so was the plot. I'd recommend this to any fan of Shakespeare plays.

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