Friday, May 21, 2010

Maximum Ride (manga) Volume One by NaRae Lee: A Book Interview

So, this review will be a little different. My brother Gray read this book, too, so we are going to take turns asking each other questions about the book.

Me: Did you like the book?
Gray: Yes.
Me: Why?
G: Cuz it was funny.
Me: Who was your favorite character?
G: Fang. Who was your favorite character?
Me: Angel, because I liked the idea of such a little kid (she's seven) being so powerful and mature, and plus she just looked adorable in manga form. :) So, did the characters look like you thought they would?
G: Not Fang and not Nudge.
Me: Why not?
G: Fang looked like a girl and Nudge looked way older than eleven years old. Did you think it was funny that they used swear words in the book? I think it was.
Me: (by now you can probably tell that he's nine, right? XD) Did you think the manga version was a lot like the book?
G: Yeah, all the important events from the book were in this one too. Did you think it was a lot like the book?
Me: Well, it seemed to follow the events more closely than some graphic novel adaptations of books that I've read. So, yes. What was your favorite part?
G: My favorite part was the fighting. And swear words. Are we done yet?
Me: Okay, as you can tell his attention span is short. I guess that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this Book Interview!

I'm not sure if I'm going to make more of these or not. I hope that if I do make more, they turn out more successful than this one...LOL. But anyway, I hope you liked this review. I have to admit it was more fun to write than normal reviews!


  1. I so hope that you make more of these Annie!! I absolutely loved it :p It cracked me up, lol. I just can't wait to see you two! Along with everyone else!

  2. So what book are you two going to review together next? :D

  3. Chris--I'm glad you liked it, LOL. I can't wait to see you either!

    Debi--You know already, but it's going to be a surprise for everyone else! :P